Taking The Coding Out
of Schema Markup

Rank Gear's Schema Markup Tool was created by developers and top schema markup experts to ensure users could get manually coded level JSON-LD schema while reducing the code you actually have to write yourself!

A magical mix of features

Tons of people claim to be handwriting schema, but how many of the are doing it effectively at scale?  Rank Gear's schema tool was written for those users who want to write more schema without having to completely write more code!

Save Time

Keep Up With Google and Schema.org Changes

Go Beyond Basic Automatic Implementations

Permanent Implementation On Your Sites

Robert Young

Robert Young

Digital Marketing Agency Owner
I've been using Rank Gear for my schema needs. If you have ever tried to build up a complex schema you will know what a fickle beast it can be, one misplaced comma and you're doomed. Add to that, the complex nature of doing it in the Graph style and Rank Gear gets it right every time. If you want to do more than the basic plugin schema, this is what you need to save THE PAIN.
Terry Samuels

Terry Samuels

"I have tested and used most of the Schema tools / plugins out there. Most know me to talk against the use of tools for schema. Rank Gear is the best Schema Builder I have ever used. It gets you further in the process of building advanced schema. It will save you time and money. I highly recommend Rank Gear to anyone that is serious about building great schema."
Paul Tresca

Paul Tresca

"As an early beta tester of Rankgear, I got to see it go from something very special to an absolute beast. It makes our schema work so much easier and, more importantly, extremely effective! We've tested several apps over the last few years, but nothing has come close to what Rankgear has produced. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced SEO, this tool is what every digital marketer should have in their arsenal. On top of that, the price point is shockingly low, and the support has been second to none!"
Michelle Photo

Michelle P.

"We all know that schema is important, but to be honest the complexity of it and the attention to detail to get it right often means it heads to the bottom of my to do list.

At least it did till I use Rank Gear. This is hands down the best tool I've used. It's super easy to use, but don't be fooled into thinking that means it doesn't deliver on results! The advanced schema it produces is amazing and I can already start to see results. A must have tool!"

Prefer a personal demo?

Buying software can be a pain, especially when you don't know everything it can do and miss out on features.  Request a demo and one of our founders will walk you through using it.

Use all the Schema.org Vocabulary

The tool is designed to help you with required schema fields by default, then we took it step further by allowing you to add any other fields you want!
screenshot of schema.org
schema template example

Make your own templates (Coming Soon)

Create and save your schema templates for common use schema for your website or clients.  Then once the template is built, load it and modify only what you need to for each page on your site.

Copy From Your Competition (Coming Soon)

Do you have a competitor using something unique that you'd like to copy, we'll have a feature that will download their schema and drop it in our editor to save as a template or to improve with your own additions!
copying schema code
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